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Digital-Marketing Package

Digital Marketing Lead Generation Packages


Digital Marketing Lead Generation Package
For Small & Medium Scale Businesses
(upto 2 Business Categories)

Sr# Service Price
1 Local SEO(Google map) 2 Keywords
2 Social Media Marketing 3 Weely Posts (Fb,Insta)
3 Google ads & PPC Suggested Budget= Rs. 30,000/-
4 Website Maintenance Free Through-out The Contract Period
5 Service Charges for the whole Package Rs. 20,000/-
Total Amount Rs. 50,000/- per Month

Digital Marketing Lead Generation Package
For Large Scale Businesses
(upto 5 Business Categories)

Sr# Service Price
1 Local SEO(Google map) 4 Keyword
2 Social Media Marketing 5 Weely Posts For (Fb,Insta)
3 Google ads & PPC Suggested Budget= Rs. 50,000/-
4 Website Maintenance Free Through-out The Contract Period
5 Service Charges for the whole Package Rs. 30,000/-
Total Amount Rs. 80,000/- per Month

Digital Marketing Branding Packages


Get 5 million Reach of Your Business

Through Our Digital Marketing Plan

Sr# Service Reach
1 Google Reach On Targeted Websites 5 million Reach
2 Google Display Advertisement On Search Network
  • Youtube
  • Email
  • Chat Windows
  • 3 Reach Through Fb Paid & Organic
    4 Ad designing 4 Weekly Posts
    5 Animated Ad designing 1 Weely Animated post
    Total Amount Rs. 80,000/- per Month

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    Digital Marketing employee package

    Since we know that setting up an in-house digital marketing department requires alot of effort and money. It consumes space, requires equipment and above all you are in need of intelligent digital marketers, content writers, web developers, graphic designers and video editors to name a few for successfully establishing your authority on digital platforms. Contrary to this you can confidently outsource your digital marketing needs to us in very economical rate.

    Some of stand-out features of our Digital Marketing plan

    • Result oriented
    • Campaign Optimization from google Head Quarter
    • Get leads in 2-days
    • Continous working to improve health of PPC Campaign
    • Weekly PPC Report
    • Thorough Working to reduce per click cost
    • Only working on relevant high traffic keyword
    Digital Marketing Plan

    What our Digital Marketing package covers?


    We have put all digital marketing channels under one umbrella so that you never miss out on receiving potential traffic. We ensure a stronger digital presence of your business which proves to be rewarding and result-oriented.


    Working as your Digital Marketing Department

    We give you leads in 3 days of signing of the contract! Yes, we don’t put our customers on wait to receive leads until they rank higher on google, but we bring them to top on maximum number of keywords related to their products through aggressive PPC campaings and google ads. Just because we care that your time with Digicrawl remain fruitful and rewarding for most of the part.

    Digicrawl VS Other Digital Marketing Companies in Islamabad

    After a thorough research of the local market and the financial restraints of the businesses at large we have crafted an aggressive digital marketing plan that covers all your digital marketing aspects i.e. Local SEO of your business (that includes putting your business on Google and than ranking it on top 3 results), Social Media Marketing of your business (on three platforms after analyzing the nature of your business), Running PPC Campaigns (Google Ads) and creating relevant landing pages to improve your conversion.

    Why are we the best Digital Marketing Company in Islamabad?

    Digicrawl is a well-reputed Digital Marketing Agency in Islamabad offering Google Ads, Social Media Marketing, Website Development & SEO services that best suits marketing objectives and business needs of small and large-scale businesses. Our Digital Marketing Experts & PPC experts are well-versed with all the updated technology trends on the digital spectrum. Our PPC campaigns are well optimized through the direct suggestions from Google Headquarter through their support Department. being a core Digital Marketing Agency we promise lead generation only on third day of signing of the contract with us. Through our Digital Marketing Package, we cover, Facebook, Linkedin, Insta, SEO and PPC/Google Ads management under one roof in extremely economical monthly charges. Through our services we claim of being a top digital agency in Islamabad which focuses on increasing the revenue of its clients through google ads, local seo and social media.

    Why is Digital Marketing the best marketing option for your business


    Going back a decade ago and you will find all sort of conventional marketing practices to be result-oriented may it be broadcasting your ad on TV or running it on Radio and newspapers or organizing exhibitions, distributing pamphlets and so many other branding opportunities but now a day, Digital Marketing has outsmarted all the conventional marketing practices. Digital Marketing is not less than a miracle when we see its power to target relevant audiences with their demographics, interests and lifestyle to name a few.

    Talking about Google alone, it is unarguably the most powerful tool to get leads and do branding of your business. We are at home to spread a message among millions of people in an economical way. At the same time, through Google Ads and PPC (Pay Per Click) we can target relevant high traffic keywords full of buying intent to get qualified leads. Most surprisingly, a PPC campaign alone can outnumber the leads generated by a marketing team of 10 members. This fact shows the rewarding and smart nature of Google Ads & PPC. The AI tool of google is ultra-powerful to know which searchers could be your potential clients and it route them to your website or phone in no time. Clients are the fuel for every business regardless of their nature of business or strength. A big building can’t be said to be a big company or a number of staff can’t define the size of an organization but it’s the number of clients that determine how big a business is. So Digital Marketing and specially google Ads & PPC Campaigns can get you clients on daily basis. It must be taken care that PPC Campaigns must be fully optimized, otherwise it will eat up your budget without giving you leads and you will lose hope in google marketing. Therefore it is recommended that you hire a PPC Expert, PPC consultant or a dedicated digital marketing agency in Islamabad or whatever your location may be.

    Pay per click

    Hiring a digital agency or a PPC expert can give you exponential growth in your revenue and business just because they have a proven experience of running dozens of successful PPC campaigns. Digital marketing is not just restricted to Google Ads but it also includes Social Media Marketing through Facebook, Linkedin & insta to name a few. Based on the nature of business one can suggest which type of marketing could be result oriented for a business. In some cases social media marketing turns out to be more rewarding than google ads but in other cases it’s the later which dominates. Similarly, it also depends on the type of business to know which kind of digital marketing approach they should opt. if you have a good keyword strength then you should run Google Search Ad or Call Only Campaign but if you have a weak keyword strength then you should go for branding such as google display ads or Facebook marketing.

    Digicrawl analyses your business and suggest which digital platforms are best for your business and then its digital marketers pull great results through their knowledge and expertise in result oriented digital marketing practices. Local SEO or Google snack pack is another amazing way of attracting local clients to your business. We rank businesses in top 3 positions against high traffic keywords within weeks. We are also no.1 ranked digital marketing company in Islamabad. Google My Business is a wonderful tool to attract clients towards your business. Its dashboard gives great insights into the number calls received in a month, the day and time of the call, the total number of audiences saw your business on google and lots of other things. We can confidently say that digital marketing is a mandatory thing for any business if they want to stay in the market and compete with their counterparts. Although it also offers you ways to compete with your stronger competitors which otherwise is a nightmare.

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